How to have a sustainable wedding!

By Annie Hall – Love Made Me Weddings founder & wedding planner

Love is being tested, people are re-connecting & babies are being made… there are a few positives that will come from this wretched virus that has us temporarily on worldwide lockdown. Once reality resumes, there is going to be such joy, but let’s not fool ourselves, this is likely going to come hand in hand with the restoration of our usual ignorant lives, ignoring key global threats like climate change. 

We all need to act now and continue our efforts until the situation improves if we want to avoid another worldwide natural disaster. 

If you are a couple planning your wedding, congratulations! …And, note that the average big day racks up more than a few people’s annual carbon output. So, it’s time to think about how to make this a sustainable wedding in as many ways as you are comfortable with. 

Below are a few things to consider & soon enough Sir David Attenborough will wish he had RSVP’d yes to your e-vite (save paper!) & your marriage will receive a heavy sponsorship offer from Extinction Rebellion… 

Don’t compete

The most important thing to remember is that this wedding is a celebration of your and your partner’s love; the day should reflect your personal tastes & style rather than compete with anyone else’s. If your best friend last year had a dairy-free cheese course or wore hemp sandals down the aisle & if you love Brie and a solid footing, it’s more than ok not to follow suit. 

As many little changes that you can make in the day whilst keeping true to your style is the important bit, don’t allow added stress into the planning. 

Choose local

The simple way to cut carbon emissions of a wedding day is to choose local suppliers. Examples of suppliers for whom this could be straightforward are florists, musicians, photographers, caterers & dressmakers. If you are lucky enough to host the wedding in London then you will be sure to find a local supplier to suit your needs, taste & budget from the incredible wealth of creative experts in our brilliant capital. 

This will reduce travel distance & time for suppliers and their staff. It’s also important make sure that each individual supplier follows the same principles and sources raw materials as locally as possible– e.g. the florist uses British, in-season blooms from a local & environmentally-friendly run flower farm. 

Venue selection

Pick a venue which:

  1. Is as close to all the attending guests as possible or is easily accessible with few modes of transport used– e.g. if most guests live in London it is a great idea to pick a venue within walking distance of a tube stop.
  2. Already owns the hire equipment required – chairs, tables, kitchenware etc. – this limits the need for a hire company (meaning again, less waste & travel)
  3. Ideally can house both ceremony & reception OR where the two locations are within walking distance of each other – avoiding road travel for guests & yourselves during the day. 
  4. Has its own green thinking going on – e.g. they have waste recycling facilities or use the good-type of lightbulb (never risking the all-important atmospheric wedding vibes though – nothing worse than a brightly clinically-lit dinner. Your cousin doesn’t want to actually see the face of the groomsman who she will inevitably end up snogging on the dancefloor!). 

Cater wisely

You might like to consider choosing vegetarian or vegan options for all or part of the day. It is widely known that eating as a vegetarian/vegan reduces one’s carbon footprint and waste in a substantial way. 

If you are worried to offend the meat-lovers on your guestlist sharing menus work amazingly (additionally, remember you can’t please everyone). Vegetarian side dishes are filling, cheaper & usually delicious regardless if you follow that lifestyle or not. You could offer one or two meats for those who long for it (you’ll be surprised how few people will go for the meat when faced with a gorgeous plate of cheesy risotto, loaded salad or a well-preforming mezze board). 

Vegetarian foods are also varied & beautifully colourful -they will make the table look great; who needs flowers?! 

Importantly, if not avid vegetarians – it’s good to strike a balance, perhaps a fillet steak followed by a vegan cheesecake will be your thing? (although in this case your Greenpeace award may be a little delayed in the post…). 

Love Made Me Weddings is a wedding planning company who aim to help you create your wedding day with you (not for you). It will be a day that can include as many or few of the wedding traditions that you’d like, set in simple locations across London. 

Aiming to break the stagnating and set mould of so many weddings these days that get carried away, overly expensive and stressful to create a relaxed event, unique to the couple so that they can celebrate their love for what it is and not what is should look like.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to start planning your day with Love Made Me Weddings & stay safe xoxo

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